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Ico studio is the pseudonym for all of Beck Dixon’s creative pursuits. The purpose of her artistic ventures are to create bespoke handmade one of a kind objects and artworks that make a statement and connect to the individual. All Beck’s works are handcrafted in her home studio in the coastal town of Terrigal, each having their own identity and character. Her object and art wearable collections are an extension of her art practice and liken themselves to artefacts, relics and fossils reinforcing the theme of hybridity and an investigation of the encaustic arts employing waxes, metals, concrete, resin and found objects. Her individual pieces should not only be seen as fashion and lifestyle accessories but unique works that challenge traditional notions and the boundaries of art and object design in a contemporary context. 

Beck works tirelessly not only as a designer and artist but also as a fulltime Visual Arts Educator. Born in the UK, Beck moved to Australia when she was 7 years old, her mother Caribbean and her father English. Her studies and fascination of identity and culture have always been essential to her creativity. Having a passion for art and design, Beck studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts and went on to complete a Masters in Arts Education. She continues to work and share with students of all ages the significance of Visual Arts and the benefits it has on our overall wellbeing. Beck has had various exhibitions throughout her career as an artist and educator. She also works alongside her husband Shannon Dixon creating collaborative artworks and murals.